It was 16 years ago today that the Station nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island caught fire during a Great White concert and claimed the lives of 100 music fans and injured another 200.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a pyrotechnic went off during Great White's set and caught the ceiling on fire. The building was quickly engulfed in flames.

Among the Dead was great white guitarist Ty Longley. I remember reading somewhere afterwards about the fire, that Longley unplugged his guitar and used it to break out windows in the club. And if I remember correctly, he was responsible for saving at least three lives.

After the fire, the NFPA enacted new code provisions for fire sprinklers and crowd management in nightclub venues.

In 2003 the town built a Memorial Park in honor of the victims of that tragic night.

I remember hearing about the fire the next morning when I got to work. I remember thinking how horrible I felt for the victims and their families. It was just supposed to be a fun night out at a bar seeing a rock band up close and personal.

I know that fire affected venues and shows here in Binghamton as well. The former local band Triple X used to use pyrotechnics. From that point on, they had to have a fire inspector show up at the venue to decide whether or not they could use them in that club.

95 Killed In Rhode Island Night Club Fire
Douglas McFadd /Getty Images

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