On September 25th the Simpsons will begin their 28th season on prime time television, over 600 episodes and still going.

What can you say about a show that has been on the air since 1989, (that’s still the 80’s.) Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Grandpa and even Mr Burns have remained ageless in the town of Springfield, from which we still don’t know its exact location.

An entire generation has grown up with this family and I think we can all identify with the zany, goofy antics of Homer and his escapades.

I was watching and episode the other night where Homer buys a lobster from the supermarket and takes it home with the intent to feed it massive amounts of calories, so that it will get big and the whole family will enjoy it.

He becomes attached to the lobster and gives it a name “Pinchy” he puts it on a leash and takes it with him like a family pet.

One of the final scenes is where Marge complains about Pinchy tracking mudd across the kitchen floor, to which Homer replies I just put him in a nice hot bath to clean him off.

The final scene Homer is sitting at the kitchen table eating Pinchy while sobbing hysterically, and asking Bart to pass the butter, one of his last lines is ‘I wish Pinchy was here to enjoy this”

I think the ability to take things to the extreme is one of the most enduring things about the Simpsons.

27 Emmy’s, several Peabody’s. Genesis awards, etc, the show is in the Guinness Book of world records for the longest running prime time animated television series

How long will it last, who knows, probably as long as it’s cast can lend their voices to the show, they all have to be Bah-Zillionaires by now, so you know they’re doing this for the love of the show, and who could blame them, The Simpsons are an institution.