I was just as shocked as anyone when I heard of James Gandolfini's death. For a split second, I thought "what could've been wrong?" Then I remembered we aren't guaranteed tomorrow. I know. My Mom died at age 43.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one that wondered why Gandolfini died. CNN did to the point of inappropriateness. Of course, the following is only my opinion.

The reaction by CNN was over the top. You would think it would be tribute time; a look back and a look at what he was working on now. Nope. It was all about health issues and his obeslty. They actually interviewed people about his health, how he looked, etc. instead of about his character and body of work! One interviewee was clearly ticked off.

How would anyone but his doctor know James Gandolfini's health profile? You can't look at a person and see a heart problem or predisposition due to family history! Come on! CNN embarrassed itself and clearly disrespected the privacy of the family and friends of James Gandolfini.

All you needed to know was James was born and raised in New Jersey and proudly Italian Catholic, was a graduate of Rutgers University, was a one time bouncer, had been on Broadway, was the star of The Sopranos, married Deborah Lin in 2010 and had a 1 year old daughter and son.

Oh, he was working on Criminal Justice, a new HBO series and he was very involved in helping bring soldiers' issues to light (including creating documentaries).

Expanding on that is fine, but there is no room for speculating, by bringing in health experts who never examined him, as to what killed James Gandolfini at such a young age. It happens. All the time. To average people.

Forget the why and just celebrate the life.  God speed and ciao James Gandolfini!

James Gandolfini on Inside The Actor's Studio:

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