Rain. I prefer it over the snowstorms we keep getting. But this blog is not about the weather, is it?

It's about one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs - The Rain Song. It can be found on the classic album 'Houses of the Holy.' That albums was the fifth for the band.

I remember playing that song on one of my uncle's record player for the first time, and just fell in love with it. Can't put my finger on exactly why this song resonates with me so much. Maybe it was the time period. The song made me feel good about life.

So much was happening in my life (about to graduate high school), the Vietnam War was still raging on, and I was stuck at home in the country with no way to get out like my friends could.

Or maybe it's just because it's such a damn good song. For this weeks Classic Rock Pick, let's go back to 1994 to enjoy Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and the London Metropolitan Orchestra give The Rain Song justice.


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