It's got to hurt to get a tattoo removed, which is why that I have never gotten one before. How do you know that you are going to want it 50 years from now? What if it doesn't mean the same to me later down the road?

Well, one lady does not have to ask herself those questions because she has done something that she has never done before. At 103 years young, she went to the parlor to get herself a tattoo. It was on her bucket list and for crying out loud, why the heck not at this age!

Dorothy Pollack has been cooped up in her home in Michigan and she thought it would be horrible if she did not make it after COVID-19 long and she needed to cross some things off her bucket list. She got a tattoo of a frog on her left arm.

Next up? She wants to go on her first motorcycle ride!

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One guy got a tattoo in Buffalo the other day and it may be the dumbest tattoo of all time (we thought that the Tim Horton's tattoo was the worst, but this beats it). Some dude got a tattoo of a Buffalo Blue Jays logo...just like the Toronto Blue Jays logo, but of course it says Buffalo instead of Toronto. You may know what I'm talking about because you may see the 'Buffalo' version of the logo on social media. Do you have a tattoo that you wish that you could remove? Have you ever done it before? Does it hurt?

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