From time to time, I buy stuff online. Yes, I do like to check out a few national sites that sell everything under the sun, or at least mobile DJ equipment and things for my camper.

I do prefer to buy locally, but in that instance where the product I need (or most likely just want) can not be found within driving distance, I refer to the good 'ol world wide web.

I imagine that has happened to everyone at one time or another if you order stuff online.The wrong item means a correspondence with the seller, haggling over what happens next, which in most cases means waiting for the return shipping paperwork and then returning the item, sometimes at your own expense.

Recently I had an issue where the item itself was exactly what I ordered except it was missing a bracket. It's a DJ light that sits on the floor via two brackets. I don't think one bracket will balance this light very well. I contacted the seller, sent them a picture of the light, and referred to their picture and description clearly outlining two brackets.

The seller was very nice and seemed sincere to resolve the problem. For me, it was simple: send me the missing bracket. Yea, that wasn't as simple as I thought it would be. To make a long story short, they don't sell any lights that have two brackets. The seller offered to give me a discount on the price, plus a gift if I chose to keep the light.

Wow, a 5% discount and a gift. Is it a mystery gift, like you used to find in a box of crackerjacks? At this point, I'm not in the mood to return the item, so I got suckered into the discount and mystery gift. Wouldn't it be cool if the gift was a bracket?

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