Esquire and Cosmopolitan just released the results of a new sex survey, but it's less of a fun survey and more of a heavy handed, get sent to HR to sign your write up kinda survey.

Here are the ten most interesting stats:

1.  If a male boss tells a female employee her haircut makes her look pretty, is it sexual harassment?  1% of women say yes, 3% of men said yeah.

2.  If a female boss says a male employee's haircut makes him handsome, 1% of women and 2% of men say that's sexual harassment.  So the big takeaway is . . . it's probably still socially acceptable to compliment someone's haircut.  Time to suck in a sigh of relief.

3.  41% of women and 26% of men have seen a stranger flash them.  But the survey didn't differentiate between a creepy old man in a trench coat or a girl going wild at Mardi Gras.

4.  1% of women and 2% of men say it's not okay for men to laugh at rape jokes but it's okay for women to. (Rape jokes, really??)

5.  Who should initiate things when a couple has sex?  6% of women and 2% of men say the man. 2% of women and 9% of men say the woman.  93% of women and 88% of men say, "Who cares! Let's get it on baby!"

6.  Most people who have sent a naked selfie were in a relationship with the person they sent it to, but 26% of men and 12% of women have sent one to someone they just had a crush on.

7.  7% of men and 1% of women have forwarded a naked selfie someone sent them.

8.  Are you a feminist?  Only 51% of women and 29% of men say yes.

9.  Single men are more likely to experience sexual dry spells than single women.  32% of guys had zero sexual partners last year,  19% of women experienced the same.

10.  Last but not least, if you found out the person you were dating was a registered sex offender, would you give them a chance to explain or just dump them outright?  52% of women and 67% of men would actually hear them out!

Sources: Esquire / Cosmopolitan obviously. :-)