Where were you June 13, 1970? I was just finishing up Junior High School, ready to move on to the next step of my life -- high school. As eighth graders, we were the kings of the school and little did we know how far down the ladder we would be when entering the big bad high school that fall.

Anyway, musically it was a turning point in the pop and rock world, having just been exposed to the turbulent '60s and now entering a new era with the 1970s. It was also a sad time for the music world since the biggest band was just about to break up -- The Beatles.

Before that happened, this was the time the Fab Four hit the number one slot on the U.S . singles chart with The Long and Winding Road. How appropriate for a band about to break-up forever.

The album Let It Be, also hit the number one chart position in the U.S. Today let's remember that time and take that Long and Winding Road with The Beatles.