How's your town fair when it comes to overall safety? For me, not so good. Without divulging where I live, there have been drug problems in the past in my neighborhood, and recently a shooting. It's all part of living in the city, right?

Recently I was surfing the internet for recipes on how to make a better meatloaf (what?) and stumbled across's listing of the safest towns in New York State. The only town near Binghamton that ranked in the top ten was a small city situated on the western edge of the Southern Tier - Hornell (ranked at number four.)

This site's source is listed as coming from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports website, which is a very detailed site with crime statistics across the USA.

Looking further down the list, here's what I found for the five safest small towns and cities around the Binghamton area that rank in the top 50 on the safest list.

Via and FBI Uniform Crime Report

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    Our lovely city comes in at number 58 out of the top 62 ranked. Is that a good thing? Out of the six crime factors looked at, larceny and burglary rates are the highest for the Parlor City.

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    The city famous for Mark Twain, Eileen Collins, Brian Williams, and Tommy Hilfiger comes in at number 43 in New York State. Not too bad for a city that has gone through some rough times in the past.

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    Oneonta is a great place to visit. It has lots of charm and is home to another great state university -- SUNY Oneonta. Seems like a great place to call home.

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    Cortland, home to SUNY Cortland and some of the most amazing Victorian-style homes, had a murder rate of 0 per 100,000, and very low vehicle and robbery rate. Larceny seems to be their biggest issue.

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    The City of Norwich takes the honor as the 12th safest city in New York and the safest near the Binghamton area. Norwich ranked very low in vehicle, assault, robbery and murder rates. Yay Norwich!

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