We have a powder room, or a half bath if you will, just off the kitchen on the first floor of our house. There is a closet down in the basement, in The Freezone Bar and Grill, that the sewer pipe from that bathroom runs through. Sunday before everyone came over for football, I went into the closet to get some supplies for football, like napkins or something, I don't even remember, just then my wife flush the toilet in the powder room, and I heard water. I look up to see what appeared to be a leaking sewer pipe. It appeared to be leaking at the lead ban going into the cast iron, so we were thinking we had a major repair ahead of us.

Last night the plumber, Jim, came to our house and figure out it was just the seal of the toilet that gave way. We've been in the house for 15 years now, and we never changed the seal on the toilet, so God only knows how old that was.

Now it's fixed and we can put everything back in the closet, and it will be all ready to go for football this Sunday. Again, if we rented instead of owning, we could have called the landlord to have this fixed. Thank God it was an inexpensive repair.

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