Throwback Thursdays. I love this concept. Be it pictures of what we looked like, or the crazy things we were a part of when we were young many many years ago, it's fun to look back. And the same goes for Rock and Roll.

It was on this day, April 7th, 1979 when the number one album belonged to The Doobie Brothers. I was the overnight DJ at WAAL at the time, and we were playing a few tunes off their new album - 'Minute By Minute' even featuring it on one of my 3am album hours, where I played the entire LP.

Of course, I had to stop for a short break to flip the album over on the turntable to play side 2. You do remember the days of turntables, right?, Anyway, that album which features the title track along with What A Fool Believes, was the only one to be a number one hit for The Doobie Brothers.

For this week's Classic Rock Throwback Thursday, enjoy The Doobie Brothers number one single from 'Minute By Minute', What A Fool Believes during a concert in late 1970s.