Last week we featured the first superhero on TV, so this week we'll visit the Caped Crusaders and their endless supply of weekly villains.

The series made its debut on ABC, January 12, 1966 and ran for three years

The show was campy, captivating, colorful and cool to watch.

The fight scenes were the best and we would jump around and pretend to throw punches at our siblings, while repeating the lines that would flash on the screen during the fight scenes, Bamm, Pow, Crunch and Zap just to name a few.

Adam West was the perfect Batman, his character was so square he was actually cool.

Burt Ward's character Robin the boy wonder, would throw an array of holy this and holy that to whatever predicament the two were in that week.

The villains were great, I loved the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, and of course Cat Women (all three sexy versions).

The final season saw the addition of Batgirl, but poor ratings caused the cancellation of the show in March of 1968.

Holy Throwback Thursday, it's the original Batman television series.

Check out the original theme opening, along with fight scenes, campy moments, and the story behind the TV series in the videos below

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