Well, today turned out to be a better day than I expected. It's good to get a win once in awhile.

Yesterday (12/2) I wrote about my disastrous Thanksgiving holiday weekend, minus the turkey pizza, which was the one great takeaway from the four day holiday by the way. I have been awaiting results of a rabies test after a stray neighborhood cat dug its teeth into my hand after being caught by one of my Greyhounds in the backyard. He thought it would be nice to run inside the house with his catch, and it was my job to get it away from him and out the back door.

Well, today the call came in from the Broome County Health Department and they informed me that the cat did not have rabies, so that's a huge relief. I've been worried about it ever since the incident happened last Friday.

I've got to give props to all who I dealt with from the cat bite, including the staff at Endwell Family Physicians walk-in who put up with my childish manners, the staff at the  Broome County Health Department and Chenango Animal Hospital who did the testing, and kept in touch with me.

And you may remember a couple of weeks ago, as I was backing down my driveway, I ended up hitting a concrete abutment and did quite a number on the passenger side of the brand new running boards I had installed just a few months ago. I know I'd eventually hit something with them, but not as bad as I did.

Got the call today that all was repairable and for well under 100 dollars, so I'm very happy about that. Prior to getting the running boards fixed, when I would make a turn, the passenger side front tire would scrape up against board since it had been pushed forward when I made that grave error. I guess I have a problem with judging distance, and kind of embarrassed because if I had paid attention to the back up camera, that all could have been avoidable.

But that's how crazy my life works, and I don't see the excitement ending anytime soon. Can't I just chalk it up to 2020?

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