There is a new term used to describe people walking and staring at their smartphone devices. they're called 'Smombies' and they live in our city too.

First there were padded light poles on the streets to actually protect people texting when walking, now one city in Germany started putting traffic lights in the sidewalks.

Apparently the city of Augsburg Germany was the first to notice that pedestrians were so engrossed in their smart phone screens, they were ignoring traffic lights.

In an attempt to solve this problem, the city has put traffic lights in the sidewalks, yes they're actually embedded into the ground so that the masses can see them while they're looking down at their smartphones.

A recent survey that was conducted in many European cities found approximately 20 percent of pedestrians were distracted by smartphones, and the University of Washington in the states conducted their own survey and the results showed 1 in 3 Americans are busy texting and using their smartphones at busy intersection crossings.

The DOT has seen the rise in deaths resulting from the walking and texting habits of todays society.

The Chinese have also taken action with experimental alternative walking lanes reserved for smombies.

I think people have to use some restraint and common sense to keep them selves and others around them safe.

They're coming for you! Crossing in front of your car, jay walking, or coming right towards you with their head down eyes fixed on the screen.

The smombies have entered your defensive driving and walking world.