There was the bucket challenge, and the squirrel in my car thing, and a bunch of other Facebook posts that everybody seems to jump on. The new one is listing ten bands, nine of which you've seen in concert and one band that you have never seen and then you challenge your friends to guess what band you haven't seen.

Whenever one of these take off on Facebook, some people jump right on it and others start bitching about their Facebook page being filled up with these posts.


The way I look at this stuff is if you want to play along, go ahead, if you don't, don't. I think to bash people for doing stuff like that on "their" Facebook page is silly. If you don't like it just scroll over it.

I've seen some funny twists to it too. Some people just putting the same band over and over. Some listing ten crappy bands and they only saw one. And then my one friend who listed 25 bands, 24 of which he did see in concert.

I think we have more serious stuff to worry about besides these little Facebook fads. And to be honest with you, I would rather have more of these than the non-stop political bashing that happens on Facebook.

But again, it's your page, post what you want.

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