Jim Free & Tom Together [VIDEO]
Watch the video of Tommy and me from this morning as we do the Top 5 and telling the story of me getting thrown out of the Carnegie Deli while Tommy stayed.
Watch Storm Time Lapse
It's universally known if Jim Cantore mentions the name of your town, you're experiencing a weather event of Biblical proportions. That's what happened here.
WHo's The President?
There's a guy in Southern Georgia that still doesn't know the outcome of the presidential election, and he wants to keep it that way!
The Best Fishing Partner
Sara Underwood just made the best, most instructional fishing video I've ever seen. Don't you agree? Okay, so maybe I went a little far with "instructional". I can say however, that I did learn some things about myself... so there's that...
Drone Down!
This girl is only 8 years old, and she's already light years ahead of my golf game, or how well my golf game will ever be!
Bad Drivers? Show us!
Ever want to catch a bad driver and put them out there for everyone to see? Send us your pictures/videos of bad drivers (or parking jobs) that you come across, and we can make sure to get the word out!
Parenting Knowledge Bombs
Dear Children: It's my job to make sure that you someday "turn into a person that I would want to hang out with". It's not my job to be your best friend.
BBC Covers... Olympics? [WATCH]
BBC was running a late-night live coverage show of the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It seems that this group of girls had a different plan!
How To Play Pokemon Go! [WATCH]
So... let me get this straight, there's a game that lives on your phone, right? Then you catch wild Pokemon and store them somewhere? And they fight?

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