The Superbowl is the culmination of 20 weeks of smash mouth football on the grid iron, it’s watched by a huge majority of men,and boys ,with support from adult women, but when did we start  including teen and tween girls who could give a rats ass about the game.

The latest name thrown into the halftime show is Lady Gaga, and so I’ll ask the same question I have asked when Beyonce, Katy Perry and Missy Elliot hit the big game stage, why in the name of Vince Lombardi are we turning this very manley event into the Teen People’s choice award show?  WTH?

When are we going to bring back some rock acts, hey they don't have to be 60 and 70 year old rock musicians, although I thought many of the vintage rock acts nailed it.
Pearl Jam, Green Day or some other newer rock groups would appeal to the true football fans  not the girl scouts.

Come in NFL give us back our man hood with some texture that fits the true fans.
A Lady Gaga halftime show will suck-didley uck!