So Super Bowl 53 is in the books and it will go down with the Patriots winning their sixth championship. The final score was 13 to 3, which by the way broke a Super Bowl record for the fewest points scored in a Super Bowl.

Let's start at the beginning. Atlanta native Gladys Knight sang the National Anthem and did an awesome job.

The game started with Tom Brady throwing an interception on their first drive which got me a little excited because I really am tired of the New England Patriots.

The Rams offense couldn't do anything all day. They had two balls dropped in the end zone which would have resulted in touchdowns, but both of them were dropped after the Patriots defense made hits on the receivers.

Speaking of hits on the receivers, what was up with that call early in the game where Brady threw to one of his running backs in the backfield and he was immediately demolished by one of the Rams defensive players?

They threw a flag and called it a hit on a defenseless receiver. Are you kidding me? I started going nuts. What is the defender supposed to do, stop and ask the player if he's ready to be tackled? I'm fine with the defenseless receiver rule when a ball is thrown away over a wide receivers head and he ends up getting blindsided by a devastating hit. That's fine, throw the flag, 15-yard penalty, totally understandable. That call in the backfield was just a great defensive play that should never have been flagged.

The NFL is getting too soft for my taste. They might as well turn it into flag football because it seems to be heading in that direction anyway. Now back to the game itself.

Some people love defensive battles. I am not one of those people. I want to see teams score. I think the Rams defense played a great game, the offense, on the other hand, looked like crap. They just couldn't seem to make adjustments to hold off the Patriots blitzing attack. I think if they called a couple more screenplays during the game it would have opened things up, but what do I know.

I have to be honest about the halftime show. I missed most of it and didn't really care. I came in just in time to see Maroon 5's last two songs and Adam Levine's striptease routine. The little bit I saw of the halftime show did not impress me at all.

Millions of people watch the Superbowl and look forward to the commercials. A lot of them were disappointed yesterday as well. There were probably five or six commercials that I would say we're good, and they seem to be few and far between.

I appreciate the companies that included tributes to the First Responders as well as the military, but when it came to funny commercials, there weren't too many that I thought really funny.

All in all, it was the most boring Super Bowl I've ever watched. If I knew it was going to be that boring, I probably would have spent my day doing something else.

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