I recently took my second summer vacation of 2018. The plan was to take it easy and do very little. Didn't happen.

As I was preparing to leave on the Friday before vacation started, one of my co-workers blogged on The Whale website that we were about to experience two weeks worth of rain. Not something I wanted to read.

I had a planned outdoor activity to be a part of at the campground on Saturday evening, and was looking forward to relaxing each day in the warm summer sunshine. The rain kicked in about midday on Saturday and through the rest of the day and evening. It continued to rain on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Steady rain.

The ground around my camper was saturated to the point there was standing water everywhere. Walking through the grass and water just turned everything to mud.

On Wednesday, I'd had enough of being stuck inside the camper, and came back to Binghamton to do some errands and dry out. Fortunately, a couple of items I ordered online for the campsite came in the mail, so now I would have a couple of projects to do once I got back.

My projects included breaking down and discarding an old fence just off the camper patio, put together a hammock stand, and placing a fountain just off the camper patio. Once I set up the hammock stand, I attached the hammock to the stand. Well, I tried anyway. The hammock was a couple of feet shorter on each end, than it needed to be to attach to the stand. I was so looking forward to lounging on my new hammock.

So, I improvised, got the hammock attached, and proceeded to ease into it. Unfortunately, I set the hammock on the stand too low, so my butt landed in the hammock, on the ground. That was embarrassing. Time to go buy some strong chains to make up for the hammock shortfall.

It was not a complete vacation washout. Thursday through Sunday turned out to be much better weather. Oh yea, did I mention mice are trying to take up residence in my camper and squirrels are wreaking havoc on my bird feeders? Good times.

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