Sigh. My favorite season is about to become toast. Autumn begins on Thursday (9/22) and so begins the slow (or sometimes quick) decline of warm, sunny days.

Not that autumn or at least the early part is bad, I just know what it leads to. If you've followed me on air and my blogs, you know I'm not a fan of cold, snow, ice (unless it's in a strong beverage) late Fall, Winter and early Spring. Just a Summer guy, that's all.

The first sign that my favorite season is about to fade, comes with the first pre-season football games, followed by the annual lighting of the luminaries at my campground on the day before Labor Day.

It's a yearly tradition which is really cool. Volunteers fill the bottom of hundreds (maybe thousands) of white paper bags with sand and a tea candle. Then, they place them about 10 feet apart on every road in the campground. That is a lot of work. The campground is very big.

At dusk, all the campers light the bags placed at the edge of the road nearest their site, and like the Whos on Christmas morning, they all come out to walk and ride golf carts around camp, admiring the spectacle. It really is a nice way to say goodbye to the Summer camping season.

Well, at least I know Summer will be about 273 days.