It's hard to believe that summer is only hours away from being over. I really thought this summer would drag by because of the Coronavirus pandemic. I was wrong, it flew by. While I did miss a lot of the summer events that we usually do every year here in the Binghamton area, I still had a pretty good summer.

Covid-19 kept us from enjoying events like The Dick's Sporting Goods Open, Spiedie Fest, and the New York State Fair just to name a few. And it sucked not being able to go to see any concerts this year, or going to any Binghamton Rumble Ponies Games, or spending time with my family. And even though I did miss doing all those things, all in all, the summer wasn't too bad.

Chris and I got some projects done around the house including the wood shed that we built out in our backyard, and we also finish the project that we deemed “the sidewalk to nowhere”. We started this project last year if not the year before. It's a sidewalk made out of paving stones and it ran along the side of our house, but didn't completely make it to the front yard or the back deck until this year. See photos of both below.

We played a lot of golf this summer. We played in our golf league on Monday nights, played about four rounds with my stepson Ian, and played a few rounds with friends as well.

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With all the great weather this summer, we were able to enjoy a bunch of great cookouts with Ian and his father. And we even snuck in a few day trips during the summer.

So even though we didn't get to do all the things we typically do throughout the summer, I think we made the most of what we could do during the pandemic. I just hope things return to normal next year so we can enjoy all the summer activities the Southern Tier has to offer.

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