Styx have released “Reveries,” the newest offering from Crash of the Crown, their new album that will arrive on June 18.

Tommy Shaw wrote the music and lyrics for the song with longtime collaborator Will Evankovich and says it's a good example of how their collaboration has evolved.

“He’ll come up with a rhythm track and a chord progression or something that sounds really good," Shaw explains to UCR. "He sends it to me, and I’ll hear words and melodies. I’ll put vocals and some harmonies on it and send it back to him. That’s how ‘Reveries’ got started.”

You can listen to the new song below.

The songs on Crash of the Crown provide some lyrical comfort and hope as the world emerges from the events of 2020. They address some darker topics, while maintaining a sense of optimism throughout. Although the material was written pre-pandemic, it all feels incredibly timely. You can hear Shaw wrestling with his own emotions as he sings, “Reveries / Is that the very core of me / Reveries / I’m giving it up, giving it out.

He says that’s a function of them taking stock of recent world events. ”It’s kind of like The Grand Illusion," he notes. "People look at that as a concept album, but it was really just all of us reacting. It’s almost like a diary - what’s going on around us and how we feel about it and how it’s affecting us. We need to just sort of say it out loud and put music to it.”.

Styx will return to the road the week Crash of the Crown arrives, sharing the stage with Collective Soul. As Shaw pointed out in a press statement when the tour dates were announced, he’s looking forward to getting back to business. “After all this time off, and now to get together with this masterful band of storytelling troubadours, we can’t wait to see you all again live and in person, performing an evening of music we love," he said.


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