Just about every one of us is late for work every now and then. Sometimes it's due to traffic issues. Even though we don't have gridlock traffic here in Binghamton, if you are on 17 or 81 and there is an accident ahead of you, you may be sitting there for a while. Other times it may be due to oversleeping. And sometimes there's are strange reasons why we might be late for work. I know whenever I'm late for work it's usually because I've hit my snooze button so many times that the alarm just stops going off. It's especially tough when your alarm starts going off at 3:30 in the morning.

I had a Strange But True story this morning that I found on the PR Newswire. It contained the list of the dumbest excuses people have used for being late for work. One of the reasons a person gave for being late was because they claimed they had morning sickness. The problem was, it was a man. Another one claimed that their astrologer told them there would be an accident on the highway so they took the back roads to work which cause them to be an hour late. Some of the other reasons included coffee being too hot and one claimed their eyes were stuck together because of their fake eyelashes.

According to Career Builders annual late to work survey, 25% of us are late at least once a month, and 12% of us are late at least once a week. The number is higher with people under the age of 45. Check out the full list of dumb excuses on the PR Newswire website. I wouldn't suggest using any of these next time you are late.

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