Monday night's storm did a lot of damage in our area. Even though the worst of the storm only lasted about ten minutes or so, the cleanup will take a long time in some areas.


As of 10am, N.Y.S.E.G. is still reporting 8,676 customers without power in our area. N.Y.S.E.G.'s estimated restoration time is 10pm. tonight.


I understand how frustrating it is to not have power. I know it gets even more frustrating as the hours go by and you still don't have electricity. I see a lot of people bitching about NYSEG not getting their power on in a timely manner. And I get that, but when you step back and look at all the damage and how much work it takes to put lines and transformers back up. They are working as fast as they can.


I'm sure it's even harder to restore power in the more rural areas. And the more populated areas are going to get taken care of faster before there are more people without power. Not to mention emergency situations would take precedent above all others.


I know they have called in crews from other parts of the state as well to try and get the power on even faster.


In the meantime, if you still don't have electricity, NYSEG has set up locations where you can go and get dry ice to keep your food cold, and cases of bottle water too.



It's very dangerous work that these men and women do and I thank them for doing it as fast as they can.



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