So remember yesterday when we wrote that Spider-Man: No Way Home exceeded all of its expectations along the way to having the third-biggest opening weekend in domestic box office history? Well it turns out Spider-Man: No Way Home even exceeded expectations for its Sunday box office and wound up making even more money than predicted. Instead of the initial estimate of $253 million for the weekend, the film actually earned $260 million. That means instead of the third-biggest weekend ever, it had the second biggest ever, passing Avengers: Infinity War’s $257 million. Only Avengers: Endgame, which grossed an incredible $357 million, earned more.

Here’s the full weekend box office chart, with the other four movies in the top five making a tiny fraction combined compared to No Way Home:

  1. Spider-Man: No Way Home - $260 million
  2. Encanto - $6.5 million
  3. West Side Story - $3.4 million
  4. Ghostbusters: Afterlife - $3.4 million
  5. Nightmare Alley - $2.9 million

To put this in perspective, No Way Home made more money in U.S. theaters in about four days than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made in its entire run in theaters back in 2014.

While Spider-Man: No Way Home had a record-smashing weekend, it’s still far from the biggest Spider-Man movie ever. That title belongs to Spider-Man: Far From Home, which earned $1.1 billion worldwide back in 2019. After one weekend, Spider-Man: No Way Home has made $600 million worldwide, so it’s more than halfway there — but with Covid cases on the rise in many parts of the world again, its box office totals could take a hit in the weeks head. Still, given everything going on, the second-biggest opening weekend in history — even head of Infinity War! — is pretty darn good.

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