I check out the comments on the 99.1 The Whale Facebook page a few times each day  because I am interested in what the Whale Nation has to say about the articles and news stories that we publish on the Whale mobile app and website.

Comments range from a wide area of opinions and statements. Many times a comment left on our Facebook posts will either be met with a comment agreeing with the person or becomes quite a spirited debate, and sometimes nasty. Pretty much what we all see on our personal Facebook pages.

At times, I wonder what compels a person to comment on a Facebook post, especially if it's to be negative. I suppose if the facts support it, and you are just looking to nicely correct a person, that's fine, but I don't understand why someone feels the need to be nasty. Personally, I almost never comment on a post in my own Facebook page when I don't agree with a comment. Rather, I just keep scrolling. Life's too short for me to engage in a battle in a social media debate.

We've seen our share of interesting comments on the 99.1 The Whale Facebook page, including comments recently about the wood exterior of the MacArthur Elementary School building. It seems the exterior wood on this school which is only five years old, is beginning to look discolored. Some of our listeners commented why it was a bad choice to have a wood exterior, and that it would become an unnecessary expense for taxpayers to fix the problem. This story really hit a nerve.

And so did the story about cutting down trees to make way for a local wind farm. Comments for and against flooded the post along with some heated debates. That debate, I understand. There are many for and against wind farms.

But I have to ask, has anyone on social media ever changed their mind and agreed with the other person's point of view? I haven't, have you? Oh well, keep those comments coming, even if you don't agree with me. I love to read them.

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