Life sure throws curves at you. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. This year has been no different.

The tragedy in Las Vegas has left us numb. This horrible act just keeps happening. I recently saw a list of mass shootings since 2007 from the New York Times. It is a list that boggles the mind. Especially since Binghamton is on that list.

Tom Petty is gone. That rattles me. When I think of him, it's of a talented person, healthy and someone who will outlive me. And then this happens. I don't know what to say. Loss of words. Every year we are losing more and more of these talented people. Many were too young to die.

On a personal level, this week I have also dealt with news of an Aunt passing away. The third Aunt who has passed away in my family since April of this year. And our family has dealt with other deaths since January.  We wonder when it will end, but you know the answer to that.

"Life is very tough Son" my Dad once told me, explaining why he was tough on me during my teen years. He wanted me to be prepared for life. But for the most part, we do our best to get through the rough times, and hopefully the good things in life will outweigh the bad.

via New York Times

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