Most everybody in the world can associate the slogan “It’s Finger Licking Good’ with Kentucky Fried Chicken, so we wondered how many other slogans can you identify with the product they sell?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has suspended its 64 year old catch phrase slogan “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” amid the coronavirus pandemic, feeling its not the most appropriate statement to be making right now.

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The CDC and many experts are stressing the safety measures regarding COVID-19, that are calling for people to avoid touching their mouth, eyes, and nose, without washing your hands.

Although their world famous phrase is not gone forever, it will probably be a while before Colonel Sanders gives you the ok to lick your fingers again.

I was thinking about all the catch phrase slogans we have heard throughout the years,and so we put together a ten question, multiple choice quiz on world famous slogans, and the products they are associated with.

How many can you successfully name?  Take the test below. No Peeking!

[via NY Post]

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