So, let me get this straight... a skateboarder rides out in front of you when he does not have the right of way, so you beep at him. He then takes his skateboard and SMASHES your windshield? Not okay.

The only thing we have to go by for "eyewitness proof" is the YouTube caption:

I was catching a video of the sunset saw this McLaren run a stop sign and make a kid fall off his skateboard. You can hear the skateboard in the video. The passenger of the McLaren yelled something at him and the next thing I heard was a SMASH! The windshield was completely shattered. "


My favorite comment on the video:

All parties are at fault here.

1. Mclaren for running stop.

2. Skater for over reacting and breaking windshield.

3. Uploader for recording vertical. "