As Joey Tribbiani used to say on the NBC sitcom 'Friends'- "How You Doin'?" My observations are that the pandemic we are going through is a bit different with each person.

Just the terminology that was never in our vocabulary is a part of our everyday conversations and everywhere you turn. Coronavirus, Covid-19, Virus, SARS, Pandemic, Quarantine, CDC, Apex, Flatten the Curve, Chloroquine, Epidemic, Social Distancing, Shelter in Place, We are all in this together, are all terms and words we never thought we'd be using or hearing on a daily basis. Well, we do now.

I imagine it's overwhelming for most everyone. It sure has turned our world upside down. Just getting used to (if that's possible) all the changes and rules can be stressful. Businesses that are essential and open have has to prepare for the protection of their employees as well as customers.

Earlier this week, I had to pick up some groceries. I was surreal seeing everyone (well, almost everyone) in the store wearing a mask. It was like something out of a science fiction movie, except it was very real. At the checkout, we observe the six foot separation, some stores have taken away the smaller carts in favor of larger carts that will help with the six foot separation.

I give props to all our store check-out personel. Their job has become more difficult and dangerous. Their responsibility is to clean between each customer, and instruct each of us when it is safe to place our items on the conveyor belt and when to approach them to pay. All while trying to breath through uncomfortable masks.

Just one more term I almost forgot to mention - "We will get through this together."

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