I love to travel. If you know me, then you've heard me talk or write about it a few times. Get me behind the wheel of a vehicle, point me in a direction, and I'll be happily on my way.

Over the past 20 years, my travels have slowed down a bit since I have been spending much of my off time at seasonal campground sites. Yes, my travel trailer has wheels and is designed to be moved around the country, but I currently don't have a tow vehicle and kind of like showing up on the weekend and vacations to a camper that is ready to settle into with no setup required.

But, since I've actually had a couple of out of town trips this year, it got me thinking about places I'd like to visit in the United States. These are areas I've never been that sound like a great place to be a tourist. Here are six areas of the country I hope to visit someday.

Cities I'd Love To Visit

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