I'm really excited and looking forward to next Saturday. Paul McCartney will be playing the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. It's the first time McCartney has ever played in Syracuse. I remember when the show was announced very early this year, my wife and I purchased tickets the day they went on sale. September 23rd seemed like it was so far away and it was. That was about 5 months ago that we purchased our tickets. Well, here we are just a week away from seeing the Hall of Fame Member live in concert.

I've only seen Paul in concert once before and I still say it's the best concert I have ever seen. The show was in Philadelphia at the old Veterans Stadium. Our seats were just okay but I didn't care. We got to see one of the Beatles live in concert. Every time Paul ripped into a song from The Fab Four I got chills down my spine. I'm hoping I have the same reaction next Saturday as I sit in the dome and watch one of the greatest songwriters and musicians of all time.

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