2016 is barely three months old, and we have lost too many Rock-n-Roll souls. Yesterday (March 8th), Sir George Martin passed away at age 90. He was the 'Fifth Beatle.'

As an arranger and producer, George was among the best in the business. He was the man who gave us The Beatles, signing them way back in 1962 and staying with the group to the very end.

George shaped the band that became the biggest Rock-n- Roll band in the world. He was the person behind the drummer change from Pete Best to Ringo Starr. He was there for the band's first hit Love Me Do and stayed with the Fab Four through their last album 'Abby Road.'

But George's resume didn't just include The Beatles, he was involved with many others musicians, film and so much more.

In honor of Sir George Martin the man, and his contribution to rock music and beyond, let's take a look and listen to The Beatles Love Me Do and In My Life for this week's Classic Rock Pick.