There's a Hospital on a hill near you, that Governor Cuomo wants to close due to budgeting problems Do you think it's a good idea?

The New York's Office of Mental Health is planning on overhauling psychiatric services throughout the state, meaning two centers in the Twin Tiers will merge with other centers. The Binghamton Psychiatric Center at The Greater Binghamton Health Center is slated for closure next year, along with the Elmira Psychiatric Center. Do you like this move?

If this were to happen,  the closest center for people in our area, in need of those services will be about two hours away in Utica.

I used to work on 'The Hill.' So did my my mother, my brother, aunt, grandmother. I have many friends still working at the Binghamton Psychiatric Center who will be either commuting to Utica or Syracuse for work, or will be out of work all together.

The state might be able to save money paying those salaries, but I'm guessing most of that savings will be wiped out when these people start receiving NYS unemployment checks. But that's okay with you, right?

Look at the streets of downtown Binghamton. NYS has already emptied a lot of former patients into group homes to help shore up their budget woes of the past. But we still have budgeting problems, and now we have a whole lot people in need, walking and living on the streets of The Parlor City.

Don't believe me? Stop by the offices of the radio station any day of the week. We are located at 59 Court St. in Binghamton... or as I call it 'At the corners of Crazy and Insane!' Almost any day you will see people talking to themselves, those walking by with toy guns strapped to their hips, and troubled kids who need the services of a LOCAL Psychiatric Center. But not to worry, you will love the 2-plus hour drive to see your kids in Utica. Right?

NYS Senator Thomas Libous has put together an online petition to get your signature to keep mental health services available at the Greater Binghamton Health Center.

To sign the petition for the Greater Binghamton Health Center, click here!

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