Shopping for gifts for the holiday season. It's a living hell for me. Actually you can add birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations to that list too.

No, I'm not being a scrooge or a grinch, although giving that some thought...oh nevermind. The problem is that I think and fret too much about finding that 'perfect' gift.

Yes I know, it's the thought, not the gift that matters. Bull crap. Just think about it in this scenario. You hand over that gift to whoever, and their response will be - "Oh, thank you for that set of's just what I needed!" Yea, that and the wad of 100 dollar bills that are not wrapped around it.

What really makes it difficult, is buying for that person who has everything they need, or tells you not get them anything. My Mother is the perfect example. "Just get me a couple of scratch-off cards...maybe I'll hit the jackpot", she says. OK Mom, I suppose someone's got to win.Probably not you, though.

You know what I have found that works for some people? Goofy gifts! Things that are inexpensive, odd, but still useful. Stuff that comes to mind - office supplies (who doesn't need a pack of extra large colored paper clips or a pack of pens that allow you to write upside down), a pack of socks or handkerchiefs (I still use them), bobbleheads of that person's favorite idol, a can of spam, a see-thru umbrella, bacon strip adhesive bandages, etc.

You get the idea. It makes gift giving so much more fun. Maybe more fun for the giver than the give-ee, but at least you will be known as that cool (or crazy) person who made someone smile. And isn't that the greatest gift of all? Priceless.