I just want to go on record saying that 99.1 The Whale's Classic Rock from A to Z is one of the most fun events we do on the radio. I'm having fun and I hope you are enjoying it too.

So many great songs to listen to, and each one has been messing with my emotions. One of the great things about these rock-n-roll gems is, it brings back memories of where we were in our lifetime when these songs were new.

Hopefully they were good memories, but some of the songs also take you back to a time that may have not been the best for whatever reason. No fault of the song, it just takes you back to that time in your life.

One song that really brings back good memories is Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond. This song came out in 1975 - when I was in college and still new to the radio scene. Songs like this were a nice balance to all the Top 40 music that was coming out in the mid 70s.

So, for this week's edition of Classic Rock Throwback Thursday, let's sit back, relax and enjoy this Pink Floyd gem from a 1994 concert in London performing Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

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