Chris and I go all out every year for Halloween. We have a bunch of animatronic decorations that we put out in the yard to make Halloween memorable for trick-or-treaters.

We have strobe lights, projectors, fog machines, animatronics, and we blast scary sounds from the stereo from inside the house that features women screaming, chains, and more. Sometimes our house is a little too scary. Every year we have at least one group of kids, sometimes as many as five, that will cross the street in front of our neighbors house and walk past ours on the other side of the street before coming back over once they're safely past our house.

Some of the animatronics that we have include a skeleton that lights up when you walk by. It just looks like a skeleton in a black cloak, but when he lights up his bones flash inside the cloak. We have the Executioner holding an axe whose eyes light up as he talks about chopping your head off when you walk by.

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We have a dinosaur skull that jumps out of an egg while his eyes light up and he cries like a baby dinosaur when you go by. We have the leaping spider, when you step on the pad, it lunges out at you. We have a tombstone with a sensor, so when you walk by it opens up in the skeleton comes out cackling like a witch with his green eyes glowing.

We have a bat zombie skeleton looking thing that we put on fishing wire going from our house to one of the trees in the front yard so it looks like he's floating in the air. We have a little girl on a swing that we put in the tree that swings back and forth. And on top of all that, Chris and I dress up in scary costumes and sit outside.

Every year we go to the Spirit Halloween Store, The Home Depot, and Lowe's to see what new animatronics they have that year. Every year we add to our Halloween collection. Here are seven animatronic Halloween decorations that made my wish list this year.

Halloween Decorations 2020

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