While walking down Court Street in front of the radio station here in Binghamton, I've noticed that most people are wearing masks and some still are not. Some are wearing masks that are only covering their mouth and not their nose.

Unless he changed his ruling, the last thing I heard from Governor Cuomo on the issue, was when he said you have to wear a mask when you can't keep the minimum social distance requirement which is 6 feet. I believe there are also exceptions for wearing masks for people who have respiratory issues.

I only wear one when I can’t keep the six feet separation from other people, or if I’m going into a store. I always carry one on me and I have a few in my car. I've seen signs on store windows in the Binghamton area saying “You must wear a mask to enter”. Will they be the new signs of the future? No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service.

I found a story on the New York Post earlier this week about a woman from Kentucky who walked into a gas station with a mask on. The only problem was she had a hole in her mask showing her nose and mouth.

When the clerk at the gas station asked her about her mask, she said she did it to make it easier to breathe. You can’t fix stupid.

I decided to remind people to wear masks I would travel around Broome County taking photos of statues and logos wearing masks check out the pictures below.

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TAKE A LOOK: Even Broome County Statues Are Wearing Face Masks

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