Everyday is a 'something' day. Some make sense, and others are just plain silly. But if it makes you smile or laugh or celebrate, I guess that makes it worthwhile.

Saturday (January 20th) is national Disc Jockey Day. It's only fair that we 'Disc Jockeys' have our own day. The questions is, how to celebrate it. I'll probably spend it sleeping...a lot.

So, where did the term 'Disc Jockey' come from? According to the National Day Calendar, a radio commentator named Walter Winchell, came up with the name in 1934. The name makes sense. For many decades, radio stations spun records (discs) by the announcers (jockeys.) The National Day Calendar mentions that the date is celebrated in honor of famous disc jockey Allan Freed.

Back in the day, it was fun to play songs from records on the radio, whether it was a 45 or an album. Although, from time to time, I used to have nightmares where I couldn't find the right record or get it on the turntable on time before the other song on the air ran out.

Today, the computer has eliminated the end to 'cue' up a record, and I guess, eliminated the use of the 'Disc Jockey' name. We are now referred to as 'Radio Personalities.' At any rate, Happy National Disc Jockey Day to all my radio brothers and sisters!

via: National Day Calendar

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