The fight to keep the Binghamton Rumble Ponies in the Southern Tier is getting a boost from an unlikely source... the team's ball boy.

One of many to be concerned following a Major League Baseball proposal to axe dozens of minor league baseball teams across the nation, Binghamton Rumble Ponies ball boy Caleb Miller has started a petition on

In the petition, which has a 1,000 signature goal, Miller explains that he has attended several games since he was a kid, and landed the best job a kid could get when he was 15 years old:

Mr. [MLB Commissioner] Rob Manfred, if you think that getting rid of something that is one of the only things we have left in this city is “best for business” I’m afraid you’re wrong. If you get rid of Binghamton baseball you’re getting rid of 100+ years of history and not to mention throwing away memories that nothing can replace. -- Caleb Miller

As of writing, the petition is at 866 signatures. Let's help Caleb get there!

You can sign Caleb's petition by clicking here.

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