We all know the rules of the movie world defy the reality of life. The characters on the screen match up in perfect situations that probably wouldn’t happen in a million years.

I want to address the action film scenarios that are not only the most ridiculous and unbelievable story lines to be thought up , they portrait the film characters as basically immortal.

In the movie 'Taken', Liam Neeson kills about 40 or 50 people, stabbing, shooting, and breaking their necks with is bare hands. How many 64-year-old men do you know who could take out dozens of big muscle bound thugs?

In the 'DieHard' movie series I have completely lost count of the body pile that Bruce Willis’s character, 'John McClane', had left in his wake. In the 2007 movie, he is actually driving an 18 wheeler over a clover leaf, while being shot at by an F-16 fighter jet.

I also have to mention the latest Jason Statham movie 'Wildcard', in which he takes out about 10 big goons using a butter knife.

Most of these bad guys have guns, but they never seem to shoot the hero, and if they do it’s a flesh wound.

How long can these guys continue to beat the hell out of 25-year-old body builders?

Liam Neeson is 64, Bruce Willis will be 61 in March, and Jason Statham is 49. Charles Bronson appeared in his final Death Wish movie in 1994 at the age of 72!

One more question, where the hell are the police, or the SWAT team? How can you possibly kill that many people and not get arrested?

I’m sure the next tough guy character, and the actor who will play him, is ready to open up a can of whoop-ass on 50 inept bad guys in the next action series.

Check out some of the action scenes below

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