Robert Plant reflected on finding an unopened letter from his mom that he received in 1967 but didn’t read until last year.

He previously noted that he spent some time during lockdown organizing his personal archive, although he has no plans to make any of it public in his lifetime.

Asked in a recent Rolling Stone interview what he discovered in his collection, Plant said: “I found a few names and addresses […] just fantastic revelations of people that I knew, friends, many of whom are still around. In those days I had no way of chronicling stuff, so it was all about a chronicle of old demos, unissued tracks, every tour I ever did, itineraries; the adventures, the letters.”

He continued: “I found a letter from my mom, which I hadn’t opened, from 1967, and I opened it in 2020, and it said, ‘Robert, you should come home now. Sue is waiting for you, and the accountant’s office are happy to take you back.’ It brought a tear to my eye because I thought, ‘If I’d have opened that, I might have taken it up.’ Just imagine that! I’d be out shooting pheasants somewhere now on the Welsh borders, with a pair of plus-fours.” He added: “But how ironic that I never opened it – it was a letter from my mom.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Plant was asked about talk of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour to follow their one-off show in 2007, and if it was true he rejected that idea in favor of hitting the road with Alison Krauss to support their album Raising Sand. “It was nothing like that," he responded. “Basically we were lined up to do what we were going to do, and that gig was a one-off gig for all the right reasons: to kickstart a charitable trust for students in the name of [label boss] Ahmet Ertegun.”

He said the idea of a Zep tour had been “a knee-jerk thing,” adding: “Everybody’s around going, ‘Look, this could be great,’ and you knew what it took to get it to that point, and you knew what it might take […] the conversation didn’t even involve three people.”

Plant and Krauss released their second duet album, Raise the Roof, earlier this November. They’ll tour North America and Europe in 2022.

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