Men at Work singer Colin Hay calls Ringo Starr's guest drumming on his upcoming solo album, Now and the Evermore, the "icing on the cake."

Hay's first collaboration with the former Beatle came in 2003 when he joined the All-Starr Band for a North American tour, and fans have been getting a semi-steady diet of Hay and Starr team-ups since then. Their latest collaboration appears on the title track of Now and the Evermore, due out March 18.

Hay wrote and recorded the new LP in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles during the pandemic. “When I listen to it, it transports me back to when I thought I had all the time in the world," Hay said of the Starr collaboration. "It is a song which is unashamedly inspired by the majesty of the Beatles, and the gift they gave us all. Having Ringo Starr play on the track is more than icing on the cake."

You can see the full Now and the Evermore track listing and listen to the title track below.

Hay said "Now and the Evermore" will also serve as a reminder to look on the bright side when things get grim. “I’m deeply grateful for the life I have, and I think my natural tendency has always been towards optimism and humor," he added. "Lately, though, I’ve had to be more intentional about it. I’ve had to actively seek out the positive, to let new rays of hope shine on some seemingly dark situations.”

Men at Work sold 30 million albums thanks to chart-topping songs like "Down Under" and "Who Can it Be Now?" before calling it quits in 1986. (They have since staged multiple reunions, with Hay now the lone original member.) Hay released his first solo album, Looking for Jack, the following year; Now and the Evermore marks his 15th solo outing. His discography also includes a 2021 covers album titled I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself, which features renditions of the Beatles' “Across the Universe” and “Norwegian Wood."

Hay plans to link up with Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band for another trek in June. You can see the dates on his website. Starr, meanwhile, has been popping up on other artists' projects over the past year, including Joe Walsh's 2021 VetsAid Livestream and Eddie Vedder's upcoming Earthlings LP.

Colin Hay, 'Now and the Evermore' Track Listing
1. "Now and the Evermore"
2. "Love Is Everywhere"
3. "Into the Bright Lights"
4. "The Sea of Always"
5. "Starfish and Unicorns"
6. "A Man Without a Name"
7. "Undertow"
8. "All I See Is You"
9. "Agatha Bell"
10. "When Does the End Begin?"

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