Former Pantera and Down bassist Rex Brown revealed he’ll be heard on Richie Faulkner’s upcoming solo album.

The Judas Priest guitarist used his pandemic downtime to work on the project, which also features an unidentified singer and Brown’s colleague Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Kill Devil Hill, Quiet Riot) on drums.

“Richie and I have become really good friends, and it's really progressively heavy and cool,” Brown said in a new episode of Tone-Talk, available below. “Richie is a very melodic player, and then it's got my drummer that played on my first solo record. They tracked him playing on one of those electronic kits, and they sampled the sounds [from] a real kit, which I'm not too crazy about. That's not the way I would do it, but it's Richie's record. And he's got a new singer now.” He added that the experience had been “a real thrill” but noted: “I don't know when that's coming out.”

Last month Faulkner said (via Brave Words) that the project had come about when he decided to “get some songs I’ve been working on, get them together, polish them up, get some people together that I respect in the music business and record some stuff.”

“As far as stylistically, it’s always hard to tell, really," he continued. "You just do what you do. You can hear where the roots are, from Priest, but I think it's different enough to be its own monster. And then hopefully someone else interprets it in their own way and hears something completely different to what I hear.”

Judas Priest just recommenced their 50 Metal Years anniversary tour, postponed when Faulkner suffered a near-fatal health alert on stage in September and underwent a 10-hour heart procedure.

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