It's Valentine's Day. A day for those who are in love. That's fine for all of you who are. How about those who aren't, or just don't buy into this one-day love-fest?

Is it a manufactured holiday to get you to buy stuff for that special someone as a few people might suggest? Who knows. I suppose anything to break up the monotony of the Winter is a good thing. Maybe it's a nudge for those who are less than attentive to a bit of appreciation for that special someone, to actually do something nice once in a while.

Either way, if it helps couples to show how much they love each other, that's fine. But what about those who are currently single, maybe just broke up or just don't buy into this kind of day?

Well, it's hard to ignore the day with all the signs around you. So how about I give you a couple of videos to enjoy that are kind of a reverse Valentine's Day? The first is from the J. Geils Band - Love Stinks, and the second is Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name. Happy reverse Valentine's Day.


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