An American foxhound who now resides in the town of Chenango is getting acclimated to a new prosthetic limb.

The dog named Sadie ran away from her owners in West Virginia in 2014. After years on the run, she eventually was rescued in Broome County.

Sadie's right hind paw was amputated because it had been caught in a coyote trap.

Linda Hamilton, the town of Chenango dog control officer, had spent months working to track Sadie as she wandered around Broome County.

Sadie finally was caught in a humane enclosure trap. A tag on her collar indicated she had come from a West Virginia hunt club, which didn't want her back.

Sadie was fitted with a prosthetic leg several weeks ago. (Photo: Lindsay France/Cornell University)

Hamilton adopted Sadie and contacted Chris Frye at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

Frye fitted Sadie with a prosthetic paw. He said the dog's leg has healed well. He said Sadie had the right attitude and the right family for the treatment to be successful.

Sadie's prosthetic limb replaces a hind paw which had been caught in a coyote trap. (Photo: Lindsay France/Cornell University)

The writer of this story is Linda Hamilton's brother. The information in the story was provided by Cornell University's media relations office.

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