Hard to believe it's been exactly 20 years today (June 25th) since my father passed away. Time goes by so quickly.

Everyone has different relationships with their dad. Some very good, some good, some not so good and some not good at all. And then there's the ones that have no contact at all or don't even know who their dad is.

I was lucky. I'd have to say, we had a a good relationship as I was growing up and a better relationship as an adult. My dad was firm with my siblings and me. Probably more so with me, since I was the oldest sibling. I often joked how upset I was every Christmas, because each time another brother or sister was born, that meant less presents under the tree for me. C'mon for the first five years of my life, it was just me, and I got all the attention and all the presents.

My dad wasn't one for a lot of affection, but I assume it's because of the way he was brought up in a family of 12 siblings and through his military training. He taught us to appreciate life, and that things don't always come easy.

I sometimes wondered why he was a bit more strict with me than I thought he should be, and later years when I was an adult, he explained that he just wanted me to be prepared for what adulthood life would bring. I didn't understand that as kid, but I do now.

I miss him obviously. He died too young. I won't go into details how. It's tough when I think about the fact that I am just a couple years younger now than he was when he passed away 20 years ago today.

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