When I run out of shows or movies to watch on television or streaming, and I have a few minutes to kill, I check out videos on YouTube. It's amazing what you can find.

Although I do find it a bit annoying sometimes when I check out a video and later when I return to YouTube, there are a ton of videos on the same subject as what I last watched. Oh, Big Brother.

Anyway, have you ever seen any of the series 'Unboxing America' by Nick Johnson on YouTube? He does a series of videos about places in America, including diving into the positives and negatives of each state in the U.S. The breakdown of each state is quite informative, funny, and sometimes makes you mad.

Of course, I just had to check out 'Unboxing New York.' And surprisingly, he wasn't wrong about much. The first half is mostly about New York City, and let's be honest, for those of us in (I shudder to use the term, but I will anyway), Upstate New York, we don't really care about the Big Apple. Although Nick does get it pretty much right about NYC.

But what about the rest of the state? In the video, he is not really sure what Upstate New York comprises, including the possibility that it's everything beyond the Hudson Valley, maybe the Adirondacks and north, or above Ithaca and beyond.

Well, really anything above Orange and Dutchess Counties is considered Upstate New York in my opinion. It ceases to amaze me that people out of  state (and some in-state) can't actually recognize the different regions of our state (sorry my pet peeve.)

I have to laugh when Nick Johnson refers to Upstate New York, outside of the major cities, as filled with rednecks, smelly farmers, tractors, roadkill, potholes, winos, and lots of Wegmans stores, to mention a few descriptions. You've got to admit, he's not wrong.

Nick also refers to upstate towns as small, boring, and cold. Okay, size doesn't matter, boring is a bit over the top in my opinion, and cold? Well, except for our two to three-month summer, he's got that right.

It's an interesting take on Upstate and that other region Downstate. Check the video out and see if you agree or disagree with his observation of the Empire State. To avoid the New York City take on things and jump into Upstate New York, fast forward to the 6-minute mark. And remember - Be kind, rewind. Oh wait, this is YouTube, not a video cassette. Nevermind.

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