Last night was the Johnson City Business and Professional Women's Holiday Parade down Main Street in the village. It started at 7. I got there with the Whale van just past six and it was just starting to rain at that point. We put the Christmas lights going around the top of the van as it started to rain harder. The tape was having a hard time sticking to the wet van. Then I was trying to put a bow that I bought on the front of the van. I don't know if the rain had anything to do with it, but the bow wound up falling apart in my hands. So Don Morgan and I sat inside the van watching the rain fall until we started moving around 7:15 ish. By the time we actually got into the Parade route and turned onto Main Street, the rain had pretty much stopped.

We weren't sure what size crowd to expect along the parade route. This parade usually has a very big crowd and last night was a nice sized crowd in spite of the weather. A lot of people had umbrellas, but again the rain pretty much stopped once we made the turn on to Main St. At St. James' Church.

One of the worst things about rain before a parade is a lot of the candy you throw from the van ends up in puddles. Soggy Nerds anyone?

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