Ah yes. The Memorial Day Weekend is almost here. Hopefully you will get to enjoy a nice three day weekend, or beyond. Before I continue, just a reminder that the reason for Memorial Day is about honoring those men and women who served in our armed forces and sacrificed their life fighting for the United States to preserve our freedom. There's no higher honor. Keep that in mind this weekend and attend a Memorial Day parade or service if you can to show you appreciate their ultimate sacrifice.

The Memorial Day Weekend is also referred to as the unofficial beginning of summer, and I like the sound of that. But will Mother Nature cooperate with our plans to enjoy the first holiday of the warm weather season? NOAA Binghamton currently (as of this writing on May 26th) shows Saturday to be mostly sunny with a high just shy of 60, Sunday mostly sunny and a bit warmer with a high near 65 and mostly sunny on Memorial Day Monday with the high reaching around 70.

Wow. Even though the three day weekend is a bit on the cooler side, I will take it. I can remember many family reunions that took place on the Memorial Day weekend where we were wearing light coats or sweaters since the temperatures never got out of the 50s. And then the next weekend, the temperatures would soar to the 80s. It's like early spring ended, and the heat of summer took over, jumping over a pleasant spring.

But that's what we get in the northeastern part of the country weatherwise. I can't really complain. I'll take that over 105 inches of snow any season.

via NOAA Binghamton

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